Agia Mavra
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History of Martyrdom

Saint Mavra (Agia Mavra), whose memory we honour on the 3rd of May each year, together with Saint Timotheos, her husband are among the glorious martyrs of Christianity.

Saint Mavra, was tortured when se was a young lady and just only twenty days after her marriage to Saint Timotheos. Tortured for her belief in Our Lord Jesus Christ, is well known saint throughout Christianity, In Greece, Cyprus, Russia, Romania. She is also undoubtedly the favourite of the inhabitants of the Greek island of Lefkada as she is the protector of the Island.

The story of the martyrdom of Saint Mavra and Saint Timotheos (Timothy) is full of horrible pains and suffering. Both Saint Mavra and her husband Saint Timothy, were born and grew up in a small town called Panapea, in the Thebais prefecture of Egypt. Growing up they loved the Christian religion, embracing it and were know for it. It is also there that they got married, but their matrimonial life was only meant to last twenty days.

Arrian, prefect in the small town after complaints, arrested Saint Timotheos and asked him to hand over the sacred Christian books he had and to renounce his faith in Christianity. When Saint Timotheos refused, witnessing that these were his spiritual weapons and supplies, Arrian began to torture him.

Saint Timothy endured the unimaginable tortures with such patience that the prefect, unable to break the Saints strength, turned to Saint Mavra hoping he could use her to make Saint Timotheos renounce his faith. Saint Timotheos, on whose torture we will expand in the future, is a great martyr of Christ, who shortly after being tortured and having had his flesh cut in pieces, in front of a large audience was miraculously completely healed, instantly making many people believe in Christ.It was then that the prefect realised he had to use different tactics and asked his wife, Agia Mavra to visit him in the prizon to change his mind. Saint Mavra, not only did not try to persuade Saint Timothy to continue but she encouraged him and when the prefect asked her to sacrifice to the idols and when she refused, Arrian ordered her torture. Saint Mavra patiently endured all the wild tortures and throughout her martyrdom constantly kept chanting to Our Lord.

After the prefect Arrian became frustrated by the resistance of both of these two Hieromartyrs, he ordered their crucifixion. The two great martyrs of Christ, when they heared that they would be crucified to death, started crying with joy for the honour that they would have the same end with their saviour, Our Lord jesus Christ.. It is said that while Saint Mavra was on the cross of martyrdom, an angel led her to heaven and showed her two places that had been prepared for herself and her husband, Saint Timotheos. After nine days of testimony they delivered their spirit and became part of the convoy of martyrs of the Christian religion.

Blessed are the Holy Ieromartyrs Saint Mavra and Saint Timotheos and blessed is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lets hope Saint Mavra and Saint Timotheos through the Mother of God intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ to show mercy on all people ahead of the testing times to come.